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Wincle School

Wincle Church of England School sits at the heart of the Wincle community, serving the parishes of Wildboarclough, Wincle and Macclesfield Forest.

In an idyllic, unspoilt situation next to the church of St Michael, it was built in 1861 at a cost of £500. Over the years the original building has been extended in order to offer all the facilities of a modern school, with excellent IT facilities. Pupil/staffing ratios are high, with full time teachers and classroom assistants in both the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classrooms.

The school has become increasingly popular over the years and is now operating at almost full capacity. At present there are 40 children in the main school and 12 in Twincle Pre-school – many come from the immediate community, but some travel from as far away as Congleton and Macclesfield.

Wincle School offers a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment in which all children feel valued and achieve well.

OFSTED Inspection 2006
Wincle Primary School chalked up top marks in the 2006 Ofsted inspection – receiving the top grade of outstanding in almost every area. Inspectors found that standards at the end of Years Two and Six were well above the national average in writing, reading, maths and science – in the top ten per cent nationally.

They wrote “This is an outstanding rather than good school in virtually all respects.”

Inspectors also picked out a selection of comments made by parents, including “this is not just a school but a whole community which excels in caring”, and that the school gives children “the best possible start in life”.

The only suggested improvement was to deliver planned changes to increase accommodation at the school that currently teaches 45 pupils.

At the same time, a separate Ofted inspection was being carried out at Twinkle Pre-School which revealed it to be a “good” village nursery.

Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools October 2012
" The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Wincle as a Church of England school are outstanding. The school is established upon a clear Christian foundation with a commitment to the personal, pastoral and academic needs of the children. There are effective partnerships with the local church and the wider community".

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Wincle CE Primary School
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